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    4 Decks for $79 (regular price $97) - $18 off  

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    8 Decks for $149 (regular price $205) - $56 off

    I love it! Such a fun thing to have. 

    I used it last weekend when I was on a short trip. One of the cards inspired me to get a massage. The card "made me do that" :) and it was super relaxing.


    Great quality cards and really interesting and fun ideas that you wouldn't normally think about trying.

    The cards add a bit of spice or a twist to your day, they bring joy, reflection and even dare you to do things that you would never have thought of doing, but using the cards makes all these things seem possible, tiny little tasks that can lead to bigger things!

    I truly have done new things. I've tried new food and tapping.

    If you want to really start doing new things, this is the right deck to buy. It's easy to say you want to get out of rut, but sometimes it is hard to start. This deck makes it easy for you to start on some new adventures.

    If you are committed to doing new things, get them. Just start your day picking a random card.


    What you get:

    DISCOUNTED price

    COLOR-CODED cards so you can choose from one category, or at random. It's up to you

    LIGHT & SMALL, so you can take it with you wherever you go

    RE-USABLE made out of durable material and designed so that you can use one card multiple times and still have fun with it.s here..